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It’s been a couple weeks since I finished this project, but I am still SO THRILLED to have finished sewing my first Creative Maker Supply Case! This is a fabric notions/art supplies organizer that zips around the outside.

A jaunty close-up of a fabric supply case in black and white fabric, filled up with a notebook, Miffy stickers, Ecoline markers, and colored pencils

I followed the suggested design, which was to create two pockets on one side of the case, and a series of elastic loops (which kept wanting to pop out of their stitches) on the other side. You could really do anything you wanted in here: I like how Sienna designed bespoke pockets for her knitting cases.

A rectangular, puffy case made in black and white patterned fabric featuring shapes with different dotted fills. There is a black zipper zipped around the case.
The case laying flat and opened. On the left interior are two overlaid pockets, one in black fabric and the shorter in black mesh. On the right interior are a series of elastic pen loops in two sizes, arrayed in two columns (so that each pen goes through two loops horizontally).

Here’s the case opened up! I closed the interior panels using a slip stitch on my mom’s recommendation. She said that often turns out a little cleaner than top stitching around the piece to close it shut.


The reason I’m particularly ecstatic about finishing this case is that I really thought it wasn’t going to happen! I actually put it down twice. The second time, I was on something like step 22 of 25 and it just got SO DANG FIDDLY trying to put together layers of fabric and foam and zipper that I just couldn’t be arsed. I felt really discouraged by that, because I want to be resilient, but I just wasn’t enjoying the process at the moment.

I decided to put it down for a couple months and bring it with me on my next trip to visit family. My mom and my Aunt Brenda have remote “sew days” together, and I’m so glad I brought my project! Their moral support and second pair of eyes was just what I needed to find the courage and get it done.

Layers of foam and fabric with a bunch of Clover clips all around the edge. This assemblage is sitting on top of a sewing machine.

My almost-completed work on top of my mom’s machine. Clover clips as far as the eye can see!

Me holding up a reeeeally puffy, Hot Pocket-shaped sandwich of material, with foam interfacing on the outside.

A Hot Pocket of fabric before being turned right-side out. At this step I basically had to FOLD half the case and squash it inside my sandwich. Apparently I’m like my aunt and I stop breathing when sewing something a little scary, haha!

What tangibly helped on these last couple steps was using a denim needle. What spiritually helped was my family (including my sister and niece) cheering me on.

If you’re a less confident sewist, I would absolutely recommend purchasing the tutorial video alongside this pattern. The video instructions are very clear and thorough, and it was an immense help to me; any struggles I had at the end here were more a product of not having done these steps before.

The case laid out flat and filled with materials: a notebook, Miffy stickers, Ecoline markers, and colored pencils

Here it is all filled up! Both the cover and interior feature fabric I bought in Japan years ago. I like how the black and white patterns hold visual interest, but contrast my art supplies really nicely.

The left side can hold an A5 notebook, though the photo shows a smaller B6 version. I would probably not recommend putting a thick hardcover sketchbook (like a Talens Art Creations) in there at the same time as the thicker Ecoline markers that I have in the loops. Things get quite puffy when zipped and I worry about strain.

In any case, I’m super happy with how this turned out, and still thrilled and amazed that I was able to finish it. The sense of accomplishment is such a rush, and now I can’t wait to try something else in my stretch zone. 😅

Like the stickers in my case? They’re designed by Autumn Chiu!

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