Many moons ago I wove an eggy tapestry and ended up with a bunch of leftover navy and white cotton yarn. I’ve done a couple small projects with the leftovers and now I have…much smaller balls of leftover yarn.

First up, I wove a set of nautical-esque coasters:

A set of square coasters with tassles. In the middle of each coaster is a square made up of alternating squiggles in contrast to the main color (either navy or white)

Like all the objects I weave, this design followed my own pattern. The intent was to make 2 coasters for each WFH desk in this household: dark coasters to go under coffee mugs, and light ones for water glasses.

Close up of the same coasters
One of the coasters, where the bottom half of the navy yarn is a bit lighter in color than the top half

This one is kind of funny because if you squint, you might be able to see a color gradation in the navy yarn. The reason for that is that I hit pause for awhile on this first coaster, and just kind of left it out in my apartment in the sun. Apparently these yarns are not very color-fast!

I still had plenty of yarn left to burn when I finally finished these, so I knitted up a fast washcloth (good application for this, given that it’s cotton yarn):

A white knitted washcloth with two thick navy bands near one edge

This one is fairly free-styled, too. There’s a 5-stitch-wide seed stitch pattern around the edges, and the center of the washcloth is your basic stockinette stitch.

The washcloth folded hot-dog style

Need to work on my tension when switching colors, happily taking any advice there.

The washcloth folded down to a square

Now what to do with those tiny leftover balls of yarn…?

  • Sailiii

    I love these omg especially the coasters - excellent use of leftover yarn - all of them :D