Well, October is nearly over (HOW), but no time like the present to document my fiber craft goals for Fall and Winter!

Lingering projects

Firstly, I have a couple small housewares projects to finish up:

  1. A 24" throw pillow that will match the pillow and pouf I made for my reading chair.
  2. A mug rug I’ve woven from leftover worsted-weight yarn. The woven bit is done, just need to cut a rectangle of the backing linen and attach it to the front.


A maroon scarf with a nubbly texture. Four beanies, each with a pom pom on top. A pair of socks where the trim, heel, and toes are a different color yarn than the body of the sock.

I took a long break from knitting in the warm months, so there’s a couple different knitting projects on my list:

  1. Purl Soho’s Seedbed scarf, in a navy yarn. I was previously working on a Ravenclaw scarf, but then JKR revealed herself as an unapologetic TERF, which means that project was promptly frogged. I hope someday the creator of a beloved series about the power of friendship, kindness, and acceptance looks back on her transphobia with embarrassment and regret, but I shan’t hold my breath. Nor will I wear anything from the fandom, lest that send signals that I don’t wish to send. Anyway, I have a few skeins of navy yarn that needed a project, and the Seedbed scarf is a nice simple one. I’m planning to gift it to my S.O. when finished.
  2. Also from Purl Soho, the “Classic Cuffed Hat” pattern. Possibly with leftover yarn from the scarf. I’ve attempted this beanie before and didn’t get too far with my rudimentary skills. So yeah, let’s try this again!
  3. Socks. Socks socks socks. I really want to try making them. They’re small, useful, and you can do some nice funky things with surface patterns and colors. Summer Lee has some great sock knitting patterns, so I’ll start with the I’m So Basic Socks. Now inviting any sock knitting words of wisdom!

Other projects

  1. I bought a rug loom forever ago, then warped it a little less forever ago, and it’s been sitting in a corner of the living room. Intimidating me. So I am going to forge on ahead with Balfour & Co’s rug weaving course.
  2. Not too many sewing projects on the horizon, but I do want to make some Carolyn pajamas bottoms with some fabric I bought years ago from Mood Fabrics.

What are you aiming to make in fall / winter of this year?

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