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Happy one year to this blog, apparently! 🥳

Just a short one to mark the occasion. A few months back I posted about a pillow and pouf that I made for my reading chair:

A living room scene shows a brown leather chair with a pillow on top, and a poufy cube ottoman in front of it. The pouf is made out of a natural linen with a design of large painted black-and-gold dots, and the pillow has strips of this and cream fabric.

I ended up (over the last few months…) making another quilted pillowcase with the remainders from that project, plus a few monochromatic fat quarters I was holding onto:

An overstuffed 24” quilted pillow made from randomly placed strips of fabric, sitting on a dark blue couch. The fabric is; black and white floral, black with white dots, cream with black and gold dots, and solid pale cream.

This one came right in under the wire in 2021; I was off work for NYE and had a remote “Sew Day” with my mom, where I ended up finishing this pillow. That entailed doing the quilting, and attaching the “envelope” pieces in the back to the quilted pillow top.

About Sew Day: my mom and one of my aunts (her sister) get together on Fridays to sew over FaceTime, when their work schedule is a little more flexible. It’s such a nice idea and I’d like to dip in more often on my lunch breaks. I had crashed their party big-time in September while on staycation between jobs. Wish I could stay the whole session every week!

Side view of the pillow from the left
Side view of the pillow from the right

In any case, this is just a self-drafted pattern where I once again cut my fabric into strips in a pseudo-random arrangement and sewed ’em together. There are some things I would change about the design; “randomness” is always an interesting visual challenge. How to make things feel organic but balanced?

The pillow is thrown on a carpeted floor, and in front are my feet and legs in bright red sweatpants. The pillow is square and about three foot-widths in either direction.

This will serve as a throw pillow (though I am leaning against it now whilst couch-blogging), so, feets for scale.

Have a cozy and excellent New Year!

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