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I had a decent amount of enamel pins rattling around in a wooden box that weren’t really seeing the light of day. I want to be able to look at the cute pins I’ve collected instead of hoarding them, so I decided to make a wall hanging!

An 11 x 17 wall hanging with 3 thick bands of red, salmon pink, and yellow cotton fabric. The binding is salmon pink. There is a pattern of horizontal quilted lines 1.5 inches apart.

The wall hanging is done up in solid quilting cottons from Joann’s, quilted with some batting. I added another layer of backing fabric in the salmon pink, in order to self-bind the wall hanging. With 4 layers including batting, the banner is fairly thick. It took some work to get the pins through, and I thought for a second there this might get repurposed as a table mat.

The wall hanging is filled with all manner of cute enamel pins, including 3 corgis, web-themed icons, a couple cocktail, 'protect trans youth', and a couple eggs.

I considered adding corners on the back or straps on the top in order to hang the banner from a dowel, but remembered I had some cute colorful binder clips. So, this is now hanging from two contrasting yellow clips.

The banner hanging over my desk, which is white metal with a teal lamp on it. There's pen cups full of pens and markers.

The wall hanging is the first thing on my office wall; I’m hoping to make some vibrant mini quilts to collage on the wall.


I’ve never self-bound a quilted item before, and basically just YOLO’d it. I wish I had cut my backing fabric just a bit wider, maybe 1/4” or 1/2” in each direction. That would’ve helped account for the height of the “sandwich”. Where the binding looks especially wiggly or the corners silly (i.e. folded over instead of mitered) is where I really didn’t have enough room to do it right. I am, of course, too lazy to seam rip the darn thing and cut a new piece.

From these instructions on self-binding a quilt, I’ll also try folding down the corners first (instead of folding them down after the first lateral fold), and hit the corner with a gluestick.

Enamel Pin Sources

I unfortunately don’t remember all of my sources; some are from Short Run Comics Fest, ECCC, or purchased elsewhere online. You can get some of these pins from:

Clearly, I have room for more pins…

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