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To coordinate with the pen pouch I sewed earlier this summer, I made a zippered marker pouch!

A cotton pouch in checkerboard pattern with a red zipper, and markers peaking out from the zippered opening

This was my second time following MADE Everyday’s zipper pouch tutorial, which is well explained and (IMO) straightforward to follow.

The last time I made one of these I had a beast of a time getting a needle through the full sandwich of fabrics + the zipper strip. I was hoping this time would be better since I had one less layer (fusible fleece instead of quilting the outside to batting + another thin layer of quilting cotton). Alas, my machine just doesn’t want to go through that thick section. I had to hand-sew a little bit, hence the lumpy bit next to the zipper.

A sketch of the pattern, where I noted I would cut 3 inch squares that would end up being sewn down to 2.5 inch squares.

For this pouch, I knew I wanted to do a random-ish checkerboard pieced pattern, and I knew I wanted the pouch wide enough to fit those mile-long Tombow brush pens. Happily, I had a bright red 9" zipper on hand!

A checkerboard pattern of squares in the following fabric colors: cream, red, lime green, and a printed pattern of red strawberries on a white background. Their stems are lime green
A hand showing lining fabric in red and lime green

I made a game-time decision to cut two different colors for the pouch lining, and I really like the effect!

The other side of the pouch, with the same squares of fabric arranged in a slightly different order

While there are obvious imperfections in this pouch, I’m actually really happy with how it turned out! The dimensions and heft of the pouch feel really nice in the hand. The thickness is nice and sturdy without being bulky, and I think this will work out well for urban sketching with my Ecoline markers. 👩‍🎨

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