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Using and collecting fountain pens is a hobby that I’ve gone deep in the weeds on over the past year or so. I recently started carrying around a pocket notebook as a bullet journal, and decided to make a to-go-friendly version of a pen pouch to accompany it.

Take one

As seems to happen with all new-to-me sewing patterns, I made a silly mistake on the first go-around with this watermelon-patterned quilting cotton:

A fabric pouch made from solid yellow fabric and a yellow fabric with a pink and red watermelon pattern. A pink strap runs one inch from the bottom.

There are 2 outer fabric panels, and the little strap is supposed to be attached 1" from the end of exterior fabric B. I attached it one 1" from the wrong end of that fabric panel, which means the pouch doesn’t shut fully when there are pens inside it.

That strap is attached before many other seams are sewn, and I did not have the heart to do so much seam ripping. I decided this would be a prototype that holds flat things, like loyalty cards.

Take two

That same day—it was a day off work—I tried again with some strawberry fabric and it was a success!

A fabric pen pouch featuring a strawberry pattern on the flap and a bright green strap that it tucks into.

This copy of the pouch came together much faster as well. This is certainly a project you can do in an afternoon.

The pouch is open to show 3 pens inside. The lining fabric is bright green, juxtaposed against a secondary outer fabric which is cream.

I still have plenty of growth to do as a sewist to get these turn-it-inside-out projects feeling crisp, but my lil strawberry pouch sparks joy. 🍓✨ It’s already come around with me in a tote bag and is doing the work of protecting my pens!

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